Banner and RaiderNet will be down this Saturday

Banner and RaiderNet will be offline Saturday, 3/16 from 7:00 am until 1:00 pm for an application upgrade.

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The NAC has been Updated

mfr-enterasysThe Network Access Control program has been updated.  The new version should be prompting you to update it as of today’s posting.  The Agent works the same as other versions and you will see no change in the icon itself.

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MTSU Student Software Discounts

The ITD Help Desk gets asked quite often if MTSU provides software discounts or computer discounts.  The honest truth is that MTSU does not offer any software 360Your MTSU email address however does offer some options.

Microsoft does offer discounts to their most popular products as long as you can provide and MTSU email address.  Addresses ending in .edu can get discounts of 50% or more.  To find the student discounts go to  Microsoft store at  Their latest offerings include Office 365 for four years at $79.99 and a Windows 8 upgrade for 69.99.  The offers change as Microsoft’s product line changes.  If you are a student it is well worth it to look into this option.  No one wants to full price if they don’t have to.


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Windows 8 Blues

IMG_7135_edited-2Does the new Windows 8 user interface have you singing the blues?  Pulling your hair out or contemplating a MAC Book purchase because you can not figure out how to shut your new Toshiba down?  Don’t feel like you are alone.  Microsoft’s new operating system has a lot of people baffled.

Windows 8 is designed to work on tablets so the Windows Style Desktop originally called Metro can be cumbersome on a standard computer, particularly if does not have a touch screen.  So what are we to do?  

I like to go old school and use hot keys.

Hot keys increase efficiency when using any device with a keyboard.  Windows 8 adopted many of the hot keys from previous OS’s and added some new ones.  If you only learn one remember Win+X.  This one brings up a selection of the most used features in Windows 8.  Below are several more useful hot keys.

  • Note: Win stands for the Windows key.  This key is normally found between the fn and the alt keys on most pcs.

  • Win+R – Run
  • Win+Pause/Break – System Info
  • Win+D – Desktop (I use this constantly if I get trapped outside the Desktop world)
  • Win+Plus or Win+Minus (no shift) – Magnifier/Zoom In and Out
  • Win+F – Find Files
  • Win+Print Screen – Put a PNG in the Pictures folder
  • Alt-Tab – Switch between Apps
  • Win-Tab – Switch between Full Screen Apps
  • Win+W – Search Control Panel and Settings stuff
  • Win+F – Search Files

Though not strictly a hotkey remember the Esc key.  In Windows 8 it will back you out of many applications.

Once you have master those above these work exclusively in Windows 8. 

  • Win+C – Charms (right side menu) then arrows to move and enter to launch.
  • Win+K – Devices
  • Win+I – Settings in any app plus brightness, network and other useful system features
  • Win+Arrows – Snap desktop apps to the sides
  • Win+(period) – Alternate sides to “snap” Metro Apps. Add shift to reverse it.
  • Win-X – Admin Stuff. I’m mentioning it twice because it’s THAT useful.
  • Win+PageUp or Win+PageDn – Move full screen apps to other monitors. Super useful for News apps and Readers. The Start Screen can be moved as well.  

Try some of these out and see what you think.  By the way.  The trick to shutting down a Windows 8 computer is Windows key + C to get the Charms menu to come up.  Go to settings form there and you will see the shut down option.

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Walker Library’s bursting with pride over new hours

Fall will bring extended hours to the James E. Walker Library.  Extensive and ongoing polling of students have lead to increased hours of operation.

Beginning on August 27 the library will stay open at 7 am and run until 2 am Monday through Thursday.  Fridays the hours will be 7 am until 6 pm.  Saturday hours will be from 10 am until 6pm and Sundays will start at 1pm and run again to 2am.

Services such as the computer labs and printing will all be available.  Individual and group study rooms as well as check out services will also be accessible during these extended hours.

Special units of the library such as Adaptive Technology, the Media Library and Special Collections will maintain different hours.  Visit for their specific hours.


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New Nac Agent being pushed to Campus

ITD is always working toward a better technology experience for the University.  To that end goal we often make upgrades to the Network Access Control program (NAC).  I have written a post about why this is need if you are interested but the simple fact is this program is necessary for you to access the Internet on campus.

If you have been on the network before you will be prompted to install the NAC agent again.  Its version number is so if you have anything but this version expect to be stopped early in your web browsing (if it lets you get that far) to download this upgrade.  Once you have done the upgrade you should not be asked to download it again.  If you do you should give us a call at the Help Desk so we can determine what is going on.

ITD appreciates your understanding and wants you to remember that all the updates have better performance of the University network in mind.

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New Student Union Nearing Completion

Anticipation builds as the late  August opening of MTSU’s new Student Union building approaches.  The Student Union is replacing the 45 year old KUC.  It intends to be more than a site for eating and administrative services.  Its goal to be a meeting place and a home away from home for students.  Check out this website for a detailed article about the new addition to campus.


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